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Best Painting Contractors in Memphis TN

Painting Gallery memphis tnPainting Plus of Memphis would like to provide you with some simple tips when looking for a painting contractor in Memphis, TN and surrounding areas. Anyone can buy some business cards and put up a website but only some painting contractors are actually worthy of your money. Here are some things to look for when searching for a painting contractor.

Verify License and Insurance: Some states, like California, require a contractor’s license. Others, like Texas, allow laissez faire capitalism to reign free. Hiring a painter outside legal boundaries forfeits you, the homeowner, all right to recuperate your money for promises neglected. Large-scale contractors should be able to provide a certificate of insurance and any necessary bonding, safety and compliance information for hired employees.

Invite and Interview: Bring the contractor into your home, the lion’s den. Tell him or her everything you want painted (trim, molding, walls, cabinets) and everything you want protected (furniture, pianos, plants, patios). Cunningly besiege the contractor with questions: What kind of paint do you use? Two coats or three? How do you fix gaffe spills? What personal protection equipment (PPE) do you use? How long have you been in business? Is your work crew paid hourly or sub-contracted? If he doesn’t talk or becomes defensive, try shining bright lights in his face.
Industrial Office Entrance 1Call the References: Call references and check records with the Better Business Bureau.
Write It Down: Indulge your inner paranoia. You can’t trust everyone. Right now, your computer webcam is probably beaming video feed to the NSA. You and your painting contractor should draw up a written contract including:
• Details on preparation and cleanup;
• What is to be painted in what colors;
• Start and end dates;
• Daily start and finish times;
• Any applicable warranty;
• When, how and how much the contractor will be paid.
Trust Your Gut: Is the contractor courteous and punctual? Don’t entrust your home to just anyone with a white van and paint brush.
Painting Plus of Memphis has over 20 years experience and we’ve been working in the Memphis, TN helping residential and commercial clients make their home and businesses look great! Call us today for more information and a free estimate!

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